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The mission of the Bring It 4 Braylon Foundation is to help alleviate the burden associated with pediatric cancer by providing comprehensive support to families and individuals who are fighting the disease. Founded on Coach Braylon Beam’s philosophy, “Be Brave. Be Positive. Have the Heart,” together we can overcome all challenges we will face.

Braylon’s Story

Braylon Beam is a brain cancer patient who captured the nation’s hearts with his Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance and dancing-as-therapy videos promoting his #JustKeepDancing campaign. On June 9, 2015, facilitated by the Make-A-Wish foundation, the fervent Panthers fan signed a one-day contract to coach the team during Fan Fest.

In front of 50,000 fans, Braylon led the team through drills, called plays, and at the end of practice, proceeded to have a dance off with the team. Braylon continues to dance through his chemo sessions and remains positive during his fight.

He wants all children who are battling a form of pediatric cancer to know we are here to help in any way possible to make their life better.

Help Braylon and his foundation alleviate the burden associated with pediatric cancer by purchasing a pair of his "BEAM" sock for $15. Thorlos will make a donation of $7.50 per pair to the Bringit4Braylon foundation on your behalf.

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2018 Bring It 4 Braylon
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